Rehearsal and Promotional Videos

Sometimes it’s just nice to look back at some of the video that’s been created at Riverfront over the years.  Some of it is rehearsal, some of it is performance.  Some of it is specifically aimed at awareness.  Here is a place where we can share with you some of the work we’ve done in our past 12 seasons – and hopefully share some of what’s going on this year, too!

There’s our first promotional video, put together by Nick Rogers, Paul Coleman, and Tim Duckett:

Our more recent promotional video, created by Emily Robinson:

One of the first pieces of vocal work this season with our new Music Director, Jeffrey Gartshore:

A tongue-twister ice-breaker from the second week of rehearsal this year:

Guests from the University of Windsor in our 2014-2015 season, presenting a workshop on movement in drama.

Some of the Pollyanna rehearsal videos:

“Pollyanna”“Mysterious Bony Surprise” (Ashleigh Shearer as Nancy)

“I Wouldn’t Have Believed It” (choreography by Drake Prosser-Spence, Meredith Garswood as Nancy)

“What a Fine Day” (Brooke Samms as Pollyanna)

Our Juniors 2013 Welcome Video.

A rehearsal video of our Secret Garden production – this one is for the song, “One Big Happy Family,” with choreography by Nicole Jobin:

A rehearsal video of our Secret Garden production – this one is for the song, “Take a Flower to the Fair,” also choreographed by Nicole Jobin:

Reaching waaaaay back, a spontaneous street performance while we were demonstrating to keep the Capitol’s doors from closing

2 thoughts on “Rehearsal and Promotional Videos

    • Hi there! I believe I just got an email from you as well. We do a lot of work in the summer, clearing up duties from the previous season and preparing for the season ahead, but we don’t run a summer camp. I need to give my hard-working volunteer staff some down time, and give all the kids a chance to miss each other so they can split our eardrums at the “reunion” when we start back up again in September. I recommend you give our friends at Korda a shout!

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