Our 2015-2016 Season Productions

Aladdin 1 final

May 20-22, AND May 27-29th, 2016:

Aladdin and the Arabian Nights (full-company musical)

A stunning musical telling the mysterious story of Scheherezade and the Sultan of the 1001 Arabian Nights fame. Scheherezade is married to a Sultan, or king, with an agenda – every night he marries another young woman, and every morning, he puts her to death. But Scheherezade and her younger sister have a plan – to capture and keep the Sultan’s interest with her stories. Unable to resist knowing what happens next, the Sultan postpones her execution while he becomes wrapped up in the tales of the Arabian Nights. In this brand-new adaptation written by and for Riverfront Theatre Company by Kristina and Caroline Garswood, the story of Aladdin features most prominently. A full-cast production with 15 gorgeous songs, a beautiful set, exotic costumes, and all the talent of our wonderful ensemble cast. Suitable for families of all ages!

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What happened earlier in the season?

December 12 and 13, 2015:  A Salute to Peanuts (Junior Cast)

Our Junior Ensemble came together for this special Christmas show, full of beloved characters and familiar carols! Designed as an opportunity for our newer and younger actors to get their feet wet, get over stage fright, and become comfortable with the fundamentals of stage performance, this production was marketed at friends and family, in a smaller venue. Admission (as well as our traditional bake sale) was by donation.

Riverfront was profoundly grateful for the generosity of the Downtown Mission in hosting us at the Mission Theatre (664 Victoria St., Windsor). We were thrilled to have the support of our audience and family members to help fill the food bank donation bins at our event, in an effort to show our thanks!


February 19-21st, 2016: Pride and Prejudice (Senior Cast):

Jane Austen’s beloved romantic comedy classic came to life with Riverfront’s Senior Ensemble’s original adaptation, written by Kristina and Caroline Garswood.

Directed by Kerri Jubenville and Caleb Hooper.

Our Senior production is always our teaching production. Senior students studied the play, the characters, the manners and customs of the Regency Period, and immersed themselves into the world of all things Austen in order to bring this much-loved novel to life for audiences in Windsor and Essex County.

P&P Poster LIGHT


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