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***PLEASE NOTE – We are now adding people to the waiting list for the fall of 2018. Please contact us AFTER READING THIS PAGE AND THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT if you would like to be added to the waiting list.  We apologise to everyone we can’t get in. We try not to leave anyone languishing on the waiting list, but it’s hard when the kids just want to stay every year – and we won’t complain about that!***

Each Riverfront Theatre Company season begins in September (normally the first Saturday after Labour Day in September), with in-person registration at Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church, at 3200 Woodland. The first opportunity for registration is given to our returning members in a June pre-registration. On July 15th, we open pre-registration to new students, beginning with our waiting list.

We are unable to register students mid-season, as casting is already completed soon after registration, with auditions taking place very early in our process.

Students registered with RTC are all between the ages of 6 and 18, and must commit to regular attendance and availability for all performance dates, including those which occur during morning hours (usually 2-4 shows per season) on school days. RTC productions are full-team efforts requiring the dedicated efforts of all participants.

In the upcoming season we anticipate having approximately 2 small group rehearsals each moth, scattered throughout the year on assorted (but pre-scheduled) Tuesday or Wednesday evenings as well.

Here is a copy of the process and commitment involved in being part of Riverfront. Please read it carefully for important commitment information, including rehearsal and performance dates:
Joining Riverfront Theatre Company

For all high school students, a copy of our community involvement policy can be found here: Riverfront Theatre Company Community Involvement Hours Policy-2

Parental volunteer time is also a necessity; RTC is run exclusively by volunteers, and the assitance of many is required each week and throughout the production weeks to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Because so few students withdraw from the program from year to year, we maintain a waiting list throughout the year. At this point, we already have a long waiting list for the 2018-2019 season. Notifications will go out JULY 16th by email for any incoming students being accepted to the programme. FAILURE TO REPLY TO THE EMAIL WITHIN A WEEK WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF PLACE ON THE WAITING LIST, and we will move to the next applicant.

Our 2018-2019 Season will involve FOUR productions.

November 23-25:  Approximately 2/3 of the SENIORS will perform in Under Pressure: a series of one-act plays about social anxiety, peer pressure, and bullying. The three titles in the production will be The Redemption of Gertie Greene, Box, and Hoodie.  – Location: The Garage Door Stage of the Olde Walkerville Theatre.

December 8-9 (TO BE CONFIRMED): The JUNIORS will perform A Christmas Peter Pan. – Location: Paulin Memorial Church

February 22-24: The SENIORS will produce Where There’s a Will: A Riverfront Shakespeare Festival Some of the Seniors will work exclusively on this production from September to February and NOT perform in November – however, they will be expected to VOLUNTEER during the November production. The production will include three one act plays: Shreds and Patches, Shakespeare on a Shoestring – Cymbeline, and Postcards from Shakespeare. It will also involve some small skits, and other elements that the students will be developing together. – Location: The Garage Door Stage of the Olde Walkerville Theatre.

May 17-26: The FULL COMPANY will produce a two-week run of Mary Poppins, the beautiful Broadway musical by Disney and Cameron McIntosh. – Location: The Olde Walkerville Theatre. 


For more information, after reading the attached document highlighted above, please contact


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