Riverfront Theatre Company is a charitable organization, a subsidiary of The Youth Connection Association, Inc.. We provide theatrical training and performance experience to the youth of Windsor and Essex County in a year-long annual program, through the generous support of our sponsors and our community, with the help of an exclusively volunteer staff, at no charge to the participating families.


The Riverfront Theatre Company provides all youth, regardless of ethnic, social or economic background, the opportunity to participate in a collaborative theatre experience. We offer a safe, accessible, open forum in which young people can express themselves and we provide them with the resources, tools and leadership to produce, promote, market and perform live theatrical works.

You can find a recent (2015) video that one of our former students, Emily Robinson, put together about RTC here on YouTube: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E95yiBLNDLw”

And this is a slightly older video that another former student, Nick Rogers, was kind enough to put together. The two videos give you some idea of what we’re up to and what this all means to our kids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JqeUHUz_XY


Riverfront Theatre Company was founded in 2004 by Deb Stanson, Cassie Young and Norma Johnston. This team started independently, but in the following season, approached the Boys & Girls Club of Windsor Essex to assist them. Over the years, Cassie gradually took over from Deb as Artistic Director, before herself moving out of the area. RTC has been operating for the past twelve seasons to make theatrical arts available to young people at no cost since it first opened, and has produced such plays as Our Town, Wonderland, Peter Pan, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, In Search of the Golden Spoons, The Little Mermaid, Anne of Green Gables, Narnia, Tom Sawyer, Free to Be You and Me, Aladdin, Up the Down Staircase, Christmas Around the World, Peter Pan (again! The second time, the full musical), The Secret-Keeper, The Balloon Tree, Princesses Aplenty (2012, 2017) The Secret Garden, A Christmas Carol, Number the Stars and Alice in Wonderland, The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, the Importance of Being Earnest, and Pollyanna, Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, Outrageous Fortune,  and Princess Whatsername. Our 2015-2016 season will include A Salute to Peanuts, an original adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, a brand-new version, custom-written musical production of Aladdin and the Arabian Nights, as well as an original adaptation of Narnia: The Early Chronicles, which was based on C.S. Lewis’ novels, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Magician’s Nephew. 

Past directors have included Deb Stanson, Cassie Young, Mona El Baroudi, Melissa Scheele, Michelle Mainwaring, Allyssa Epp, Jenny Morin, Rob Tymec, Stacy Corlett, Erin Rivard, Jamie Osley, Jacquelyn Poulin, Amber Milne, Kaylee Cabrera, Emily Robinson, Kerri Jubenville and Caleb Hooper.

Our 2017-2018 directors are Elena Holowitz (Christmas Around the World, Seussical), and Kristina Garswood and Caroline Garswood (Anne of Green Gables). Jeff Gartshore is our Music Director.

We are very proud of our growth in recent years and the contributions and sacrifices that each and every member of our group makes!